Short-Term Orthodontics

Short-term orthodontics is an ideal treatment option for adult patients who have crowded or spaced teeth and would like to straighten them in a short period of time (typically six months).

Our office uses the Powerprox Six Month Braces technique in order to provide short-term orthodontics. Powerprox braces uses nickel-titanium wires and orthodontic brackets to move teeth with low, controlled force. Powerprox braces can be tooth colored, which makes the braces less noticeable than traditional metal braces. In cases of crowding, teeth may need to be lightly reshaped to allow easier movement and a more pleasing result.

Short-term orthodontics is not a substitute for comprehensive orthodontics and will not treat severe bite issues related to improperly positioned jaws or back teeth. In these situations, a referral to an orthodontist is still needed. Rather, short-term orthodontics focuses on cosmetic tooth positioning, and can help patients improve their smile in a short amount of time.

Clear Braces

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